Token & Tokenomics


CHO tokenomics is based on best practices from the industry and our expertise of running a 4+ yo crypto venture.
CHO tokenomics is driven by retokenization around a new vision and approaches that led some projects to multi-billion market capitalizations. Sounds good? A thoughtful lockup mechanics and limited circulating supply will make it even better.
On top of that, we introduced some other novel developments i.e. CHO security deposits for B2B integrations, DAO voting privileges, and many more exciting developments.

CHO token distribution


Total supply:
CHO Standard:
ERC20 initially
Contract address:

Token Use Cases

  • Increasing voting power in Charism DAO
  • Participating in Chasirm loyalty program and getting exclusive access to services
  • Getting your on-chain costs compensated - the more the stake, the higher percentage is compensated
  • Getting your DeFi services integrated into the ecosystem
  • Deciding on key parameters of DeFi protocols
  • Accepting new proposals
  • Defining new utilities for the token
  • Participating in a Developer grant program
  • Participating in learn2earn activities
  • Participating in the ambassador program
  • Participating in liquidity mining programs
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