What is Charism?

Charism is a core building block of the DeFi infrastructure and a unique financial permission-less development platform enabling users to easily buy, store and exchange crypto, get crypto loans, yield farm and so much more — and all that through a super friendly User Experience.

Staking and Yield farming aggregator

A single simplified access to most protocols. This allows yield maximization from farming and staking — by providing additional APY through intelligent wealth management services.

Transaction builder

DeFi Derivative Product

  • CHO-based mechanics to bring CeFi to DeFi
  • Market exposure without holding underlying assets
  • Exploring sophisticated trading strategies
  • Insurance products
  • First DeFi-based risk management system

Non-custodial multi-chain wallet

  • Eliminates third parties between user and his crypto. Only user has full control over his funds
  • Multi-chain support allows user to keep more than one crypto asset (Ethereum, Solana, Tron, BSC, etс.)
  • Includes a built-in Web3 browser that allows user to explore DApps seamlessly and safely
  • With our wallet, user can earn interest on his crypto and access the latest DApps, DeFi platforms (Staking, Farming) and NFT
  • It’s easy to use even for beginners and allows them to get full support from the team
It is easier to have a single entrance with a single balance, easy cross-chain swaps & all-in-one access to multiple blockсhains

DEX aggregator

  • Attractive prices with no additional fees
  • Low slippage
  • High liquidity / aggregated DEX order books
  • Cross-chain swaps