About the project Your choise to earn more is the innovative crypto solution that combines all the advantages of CeFi and DeFi (centralized and decentralized finance) services into one system. This bridge between CeFi and DeFi greatly simplifies user exposure to DeFi products, making the process easy, reliable, and fool-proof. At the heart of is a new in-house DeFi ecosystem Charism with its suite of products (earn, bridge and swap aggregators, transaction builder (smart pools), and other solutions).
Such integration will allow anyone — even crypto novices — to take advantage of farming, decentralized exchanges, liquidity pools, in one click. The internal protocol makes it possible to implement different solutions without requiring users to switch blockchains or install several applications. Everything is available in a single customizable app interface.
Notable facts
  • The project was started by the Crypterium team of 170+ professionals with a successful track record in CeFi products
  • is a one-click gateway to DeFi space for CeFi users, which provides triple digits APYs comparing to those offered by the traditional market
  • DAO will manage the ecosystem with CHO token powering up utility, governance, and promotion mechanics
  • MetaFi products (CeFi/DeFi ecosystem) are available to 700k+ existing users: minimal go-to-market time, immediate revenue generation

Media about us

How did the idea to build come to fruition?

" is a clear and logical step in our company’s evolution. We entered the market when DeFi was just in its infancy, with the goal of building an easy-to-use crypto-fiat wallet. As a result, Crypterium has become one of the most convenient and user-friendly global crypto-banks for buying, exchanging, and withdrawing cryptocurrencies.
In the meantime, the DeFi market has shown explosive growth and is now maturing. Consumers are looking for the opportunity to use decentralized exchanges and cross-chain solutions. DeFi enables great returns as users interact directly – the liquidity they provide increases market efficiencies and yields by eliminating intermediaries.
CeFi companies that resemble Crypterium have focused not just on enabling buying, selling and exchanging crypto but have also provided consumers with the chance to earn on their funds. Our user feedback and consumer research show that our customers are eager to take advantage from the returns available in the DeFi world, but today this is technically very difficult and not easily accessible. We maintain our mission to make the crypto world as easy to use as fiat money so we have created a unique solution in the form of
At the heart of is a new in-house DeFi ecosystem — Charism, a suite of products including a non-custodial wallet, cross-chain bridges, decentralized derivatives and other DeFi solutions. This will enable Crypterium users to not only access all the advantages of the CeFi world, such as easy exchange, payments and money transfers, but also DeFi attractive returns.
We estimate that these unique “choice to earn more” opportunities will be available to 100 million users around the world who will enter this market in the next few years," said CEO Vladimir Gorbunov

Advantages of

For CeFi users

  • Hassle-free access to DeFi assets
  • Saving on transaction costs
  • High yield DeFi instruments available in one click
  • Seamless transition between CeFi and DeFi wallets
  • Easy access to coins that you never met at CEX

For DeFi users

  • Single entrance point for the variety of DeFi protocols and blockchain networks: DeFi full aggregator
  • Simple cross-chain interactions: Charism bridges
  • CHO token additional APY
  • Never Lose your Funds — get your assets recovered
  • Simplified user experience accompanied by DeFi advantages
  • Deep integration with CeFi fiat services: easy onramp&offramp
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